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ControlWave® Micro - Hybrid RTU/PLC


ControlWave Micro breaks the price/performance barrier for small to mid-sized RTU/PLC products and adds significant scalability to the ControlWave family of hybrid controllers. ControlWave Micro evolves the capabilities of the proven ControlWave RTU into a lower priced, space-efficient package required by small to mid-sized applications.

ControlWave Micro has very low power consumption for solar applications.
ControlWave Micro offers exceptional communication capability with up to eleven serial ports and one or two optional 10/100 Mb Ethernet I/P ports. Optional built-in spread-spectrum radios and worldwide dial-line modems offer convenient integration and communication flexibility. ControlWave Micro facilitates communication with other devices through widely accepted networks. And ControlWave Micro comes with the popular BSAP protocol as a standard feature.

ControlWave® Micro - Hybrid RTU/PLCEMERSON MICRO WAVE