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DURUS –CONTROLLERS ( Programmable Automation Controllers)


The Durus controller is a compact simple relay replacer. The Durus supports discrete and analog I/O.




VersaMax Micro

The VersaMax Micro and Nano enable users to address a wide range of low end applications. The micro supports discrete, analog and simple motion applications.


VersaMax Modular

The VersaMax Modular line of control addresses simple control. The I/O modules support hot swap to increase system uptime.



PAC8000 Controllers are designed specifically to provide a solution where a controller needs to be field mounted in the extreme environments found in process applications. The PAC8000 Controller consists of a Process Controller, Logic Controller, and Hybrid Controller which combines the capabilities of both.

Distributed I/O and Remote I/O


VersaMax IP

Modular IP67 I/O for harsh environments


VersaSafe Machine Safety I/O

SIL 3 Machine Safety I/O


RX3i High speed I/O

High-speed high density rack I/O

rugged block

Rugged block I/O

versamax io

VersaMax I/O

Modular I/O with flexible wiring options




PACMotion is a high-performance multi-axis motion platform for GE's RX3i PACSystems controller. The open standard, PLCopen development environment provides exceptional programming flexibility, dynamic motion changes and the ability to add axes without degrading system performance.

versamax micromotion

VersaMax MicroMotion

The MicroMotion expansion module is ideal for either motion applications using our Micro PLC or standalone motion control over serial or Ethernet networking. It provides two channels of high-speed servo control, two independent 1 to 2Mhz pulse and direction out, and integrated inputs and outputs.



VersaMotion line of servo amplifiers support simple standalone positioning capability using up to eight stored motion profiles or can be connected to any motion controller. The serial interface supports multi-drop system configurations and Modbus communication protocol.

quickpanel control

QuickPanel Control

The QuickPanel Control combines visualization and control into one hardware platform. The QuickPanel supports a wide range of I/O types.

pacsystem rxi

PACSystems™ RXi

The NEW PACSystems RXi family is an advanced, high-performance, small footprint control and computing platform for distributed applications (process or discrete)

pacsystem rx3i

PACSystems™ RX3i

High performance traditional modular control system designed for process or discrete applications. Best choice for motion and high availability solutions.

pacsystem rx7i

PACSystems™ RX7i

Standard embedded open architecture for industrial control applications requiring special purpose built VME modules or intense data handling